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Jaye Dixon got back into her dream career with an apprenticeship

A lot of people find that they have a foggy vision when thinking about what they want to do as a career but for Jaye Dixon; her plan is clear. Despite knowing what she wants to do now, getting to this point wasn’t as straight ahead as it sounds.

It can take a while for people to discover what they want to do as a career; for some people, it can be in their 20s, and for other’s it can be in their 40s.

Jaye worked in several jobs before realising that she has a love for hospitality. Her first job was a customer facing role where she would interact with the customers along with her daily duties. She then moved into several office-based roles that included tasks such as speaking on the telephone and administration tasks. Soon after working in an office environment, she knew it wasn’t the career she was looking for and wanted to start making customers smile again.

She took the issue into her own hands and decided to search for the career that she loved.

After leaving her office job, Jaye visited her local One Point centre who helped refer her to a training provider who would be able to find her the perfect apprenticeship placement.

Jaye was referred to Profound Services and was placed into a Hospitality Apprentice with The Lookout in Seaham, just one week after leaving her previous job!

The role is ideal for Jaye as she is always surrounded by customers and can bring her vision of making people enjoy their stay at the Café to life. Jaye commented: “I’m so happy to be back into a customer facing role.

I knew it’s what I always wanted to do after experiencing being an office worker. I enjoy working here a lot; it feels like I’m part of a family.

My boss is great. It feels like working with another member of the team.”

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